Other Products

Optional Mounting Plate

For attaching Fixed Mounting Plate to curved or thin bench tops.

Bench Pin Kit

For use with the BenchMate. Attached to Fixed Mounting Plate.

Fixed Mounting Plate

For use with the Adjustable Height Bracket, Bench Pin Kit, BenchMate..

BenchMate Setters Package

Jewelers work faster and make finer jewelry with the BenchMate Work Support System. It’s intelligently designed and ruggedly built. Mounts easily to your existing bench.

Tool Trays, Set of 4

Four color-coded trays, each holds ten QC Holders..

Micro Hot Air System (for Thermolock)

Precision Heat for Thermo-Loc. It supplies precisely controlled hot air from 100-480C. Air flow is also adjustable from almost nothing to full flow.

QC Storage System

Organize your work area and protect your tools. Comes with 12 different color-coordinating cups and collars for better organisation of tools. Rotates around axis.

Thermo-Lock Sticks (various packages)

Special reusable polymer material. Becomes pliable when heated or warmed. Developed to hold irregularly shaped or fragile items, Use this to hold Jewellery, knives, wood,. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Orange Air Pump

Classic manual air pump, cheap and easy.