Drill Bits & Burs

Carbide Round Burs

There are many types of round carbide burs out there. We tried them all, these are the best price/quality carbide burs out there. H71 size range to choose from : 005,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,23,27

Green Carbide Needle

Another great carbide product. The FRS features a long, sharp tip to acces difficult places. The curved blades are agressive and make this bit a real joy to work with. Availible in size 009 and 010.

Blue Carbide Needle (Xtra Small)

This is the finest carbide cone availible after 23SRX. The combination of strong meterial and X blades make this a great substitute for classic 38 bur. Works wonderfully on steel and other hard meterials. This is our most sold cutter!

Beading tools! (N1 to N10) Worlds Best!

To this moment, these remain the leader in quality Beading Tools. Thanks to it’s stamped (not drilled) mark, they achieves clear, polished beads every time. We keep stock of sizes 1 to 10.

Conic/Cylinder Carbide Burs

Excellent quality carbide. Available in sizes 009,010,012,014,016


XS Round Carbide Burs

The head on this bur is extended, the body full carbide from top to bottom, making it a very unique tool. Very useful for background removal or very detailed work. Availible is size 002,003,004. Click on the picture for a video demo