Stone Setting Courses

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Professional Stone Setting (3 month courses)

This  intensive practical course, given by Alexander Sidorov, in which advanced visual techniques are used, gives the opportunity to learn the different steps in his setting process. Starting with basic hand engraving, simple shapes, to more complex exercises. This gives students the essential training of hand control.

The basics of how to prepare the jewel and calculate the stones, distances, designs are key factors for further steps. Students will be presented to different kinds of mathematical calculations. This involves measuring, drilling, cleaning and fraising of various metal surfaces for setting.

All work must be executed with extreme precision. By means of continuous practice and diverse exercises this course will prepare the students to the element of speed they will need in this demanding market. All main setting types are taught with a special accent to pave setting. Finally, the program is added with a module of Gemology for Setters. This chapter will be determining for experienced students. Our goal is to make this profession available for any motivated candidate with a minimum of skill. The three month teaching period will guarantee the knowledge needed to acquire, through practice, our optical quality setting. Join our program and introduce yourself to a new career and a new life.


Individual Stone Setting Seminar (5 day courses)

For those jewelers who cannot leave a workshop or studio for tree months, we provide individual five-day stone setting workshops. The major advantage to these shorter workshops is that Sidorov does not follow a strict program, and instead works to answer questions and solve problems proposed by the student. The sudent receives maximum effective training for his professional career through our school. Together with mister Sidorov the student can plan this week in.